Independent Baseball Recap For The Week

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This has been an interesting week of news for the independent baseball industry as some sort of news has come out for most of the leagues:










San Rafael Pacifics have announced Dan DiPace as the team’s new field manager:


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  1. You caught a few things I haven’t spotted. Thanks for that…

    but concerning the Pecos, there’s more to be added…and criticized.

    The web site “released” for a second time this year the schedule for the expanded league, and mentioned that the first two games of the season would ALSO be played in Del Rio between the Alpine Cowboys and the Las Vegas Train Robbers. That’s a puzzle considering the last we heard about Del Rio, THEY didn’t want a pro team there for various reasons, and NOBODY on the other teams wanted to make such a viciously long journey to well hidden Del Rio to play there! So why this is even being considered now is strange.

    One can only surmise that there is a change of heart afoot in DR as well as in the mind of that crazy maverick commissioner Adam Dunn. If a few more franchises could be HAD in that area of Texas, then adding Del Rio to a revived Pecos or Odessa, or jumps made from the United League INTO the Pecos could make it all very doable.

    But SADLY one has to take but a closer look at the present schedule to see how ridiculous it is yet again! Whoever puts these out really has lost sight of trying to make a more balanced competitive league!

    The two new franchises in Arizona are scheduled to play each other 23 times out of 70 games planned…a number they are getting SO wrongfully stuck on, when 72 would make a LOT more sense. Then on the flip side, ONLY 3 games are to be played between Las Vegas and Taos, ALSO nearby divisional rivals!! On top of that, LV who MADE THE FINALS last year have only been granted 15 HOME games, while the likes of Santa Fe and Brisbane are getting 60!! This is insanity at its finest. The travel costs alone for LV will be out of sight, and they will fold before the season STARTS! WHY they are not being given more home games is totally unexplained. you would think they LOST lights, while Taos is gaining them for more night play. And why LV has to play every 3 out of 4 games AT Santa Fe is again showing unnecessary favoritism…or just plain ignorant lunacy.
    None of the home games at LV is on a weekend night either!

    This scheduler has failed to do his homework on this, and obviously does not know how to use even the most rudimentary softward made. One cannot give this “league” any credibility at all for making such a MESS of this. I like many of you could schedule all this in our sleep!

  2. And I am dying to know what happened to the possibility of franchises being reveived at Pueblo CO and Riudoso NM. They were being referred to ON the web site like they were a done deal a few months ago! This is just another example of the erratic behavior of Adam Dunn.

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