First Female Pro Baseball Player Of 21st Century Tonight?

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With no one else in the industry refuting the weeks/months of hype surrounding the “first female pro baseball player of the century/millenium”, everyone assumed that it would be Eri Yoshida (Golden League) or Tiffany Brooks (Continental League).  Press releases from the respective teams/leagues went out to the media for this; and all media reports ran with it.  Nothing refuting these claims ever came to the attention of this site until now.

After this post went live, learned that NEITHER woman will have the opportunity to earn that claim.  In 2003, in the Central League, a woman named Kendall Burnham played a few games for the San Angelo Colts.  Here is the information:

Should either Tiffany or Eri be the first to PITCH in a game, it will be the first time a woman has pitched in a professional baseball game since 2000; and, therefore, such a feat would make that woman the first female pitcher of the 21st Century.  This would be the more correct statement.

With all of the media outlets reporting (as listed below and in previous posts regarding Yoshida) both women as having the opportunity to earn first “female player” in 10 years, we assumed that all teams and leagues had done their fact-checking.

Thank you to JJ and Baseball America for the correction.  The original post’s version is listed below in its original entirety.


Here is an article and video about Tiffany Brooks, who possibly could become the first female pro baseball player of the 21st Century tonight when the Big Bend Cowboys host the Las Cruces Vaqueros to start the 2010 Continental League season.

If she does take the field then she and the two teams will be part of a unique trivia question for the next hundred years.  If you attend tonight’s game and have time to take pictures or videos then please send them to or leave links on this blog post.  Thank you.


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