More On The New Elkhart County Miracle Team

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Here is some more information on the Elkhart County Miracle team announced this past week as joining the new version of the Northern League.  It includes a local article, local TV station mention and the team’s new Facebook page:

The local article discusses more about the stadium construction financing and additional information.


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  1. Have we heard any news about this new league yet? Seems to me that this ought to be out there before the teams are. Can’t see this going it all alone without linking up with some other leagues already in existence, let maybe those that Miles Wolff already has control of. That would make sense.

    But if Elkhart is successful, then maybe they replace the Greys in the Frontier League, or be #14 in the AA.

  2. They are part of the Northern League, why would they wan’t to join the Frontier League? Clearly for the league to already have the best known actual baseball guy in Indy Ball other than maybe Joe Klein in Dan Evans as their Commissioner and they made this announcement, why would they do that just to merge it with the Frontier or an AA or failing Can-Am?

    My guess is they know something that we all don’t and surely with the new Diamond League the Can-Am League is 100% done.

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