El Paso Diablos Ownership Talking To Joplin

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Joplin, Missouri has long been on the radar screen of the American Association, with an exhibition game being played there earlier this year.  The VP for the El Paso Diablos’ ownership group met with Joplin city officials in recent days to discuss the possibility of relocating the Diablos to Joplin if certain improvements could be made to the stadium’s grounds.

Matt LaBranche, VP for the Diablos ownership group, and several city officials were quoted in these two articles:


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  1. The second article referred to the Diablos incorrectly, I believe, as a Double A team, using the AA as an uninformed nickname. Someone should get on that writer for his error, as it can easily be misinterpreted as the Diablos being a team affiliated with a MLB organization. Poor it is!

    So then what is to become of Tucson, now that the Padres are moving to El Paso? Why are not the Diablos taking a look at moving in where the Padres are moving out? We need some research provided on how well attended the AAA games were, and in comparison to those of the previous independent teams like the Toros. Doesn’t Tucson like baseball? It would also seem like a good area for the Freedom League to expand its operations as well, minimizing the travel costs to where they play ball now. Could easily put two, and maybe even four teams there based on their level of play. But maybe that stadium isn’t right.

    I presume with the AA schedule out already, as incomplete and dubious as it is concerning continued interleague play with the CanAm, that Joplin will not likely being playing ball there until 2015, IF even accepted.

    Adding BOTH Tucson and Joplin might be very good for the AA, too.

  2. Dude, have you looked at a map? Tucson is WAY far away from the rest of the American Association. Won’t happen.

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