El Paso Diablos Discussing Exit From Cohen Stadium Lease

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Two recent articles came out regarding the situation faced by the El Paso Diablos (American Association) for its future after the 2013 season.  In one of the articles, team general manager Matt LaBranche was quoted as discussing the possibility of folding the team depending on the direction the city decides to go with an early termination of the lease agreement.

More details can be found here:

Since the American Association and Can-Am League both have an odd number of teams in their respective leagues this year, and since they share the same league office/commissioner structure, they are again having “inter-league” play for the 2013 season.  Should El Paso be removed from the schedule after 2013 then several possibilities exist as to the steps for the 2014 season.

As news becomes available for the 2014 American Association and Can-Am League seasons, including which teams will play in which divisions then the respective news items will be posted on this site.


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  1. A year in Indy ball can be a long way off, even longer if you are the AL. Let’s just worry about who is going to make the show for 2013 first!

    And why is there not one item of news relating to that clown league, the NAL – Golden – whatever it’s called now. Dumb league, I believe. What happened to all the talk of Fort McMurray, Alberta joining in 2013. It cannot make a go of it unless Edmonton returns as I see it. Or else you’ll have teams spending a week up there the same as they do Maui.

  2. Maybe the Diablos should start looking into the possibility of reviving a franchise in Amarillo. I believe I remember the Dillas being escorted out because of unpaid lease problems and such. But maybe a franchise with a better history of tenancy might win over the city authorities. Review of the available facilities by both the team and the AA league would help to consider it a viable alternative. The former teams left a legacy of championships behind from the United League as well. Maybe the latter still has rights to any franchise put back into Amarillo, but the AA is in a better position to negotiate that away from them. And it would keep the present southern division of the AA league intact, even though a 13 team league is not the best.

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