Discussions About A Feeder League To Atlantic League

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One former Atlantic League and Can-Am League market, Atlantic City, keeps popping up every year about revitalizing the stadium from the former Atlantic City Surf baseball team.  This week, an article came out of Atlantic City about a former Surf executive working with the Atlantic League to create a “feeder” league of some sort.

Obviously, this brings about several questions and not the least of which is where the talent (presumably one step away from the Atlantic League level) would come from since other independent leagues have talent across the board, as evidenced by the number of players signed to affiliated teams from all of the leagues.  Speculation is starting, so you may read about the wild ideas some people have in the links below, and you are welcome to comment on some/all of the pages listed.

The biggest question to ask is how such a feeder league could be profitable.  If the markets in which the Atlantic League and Can-Am League do not play, nor which have any collegiate summer league teams, can sustain some form of pro baseball then another question is how much “lead time” is needed to make it at least a breakeven venture.  A third question is what would such a feeder league do for strategic purposes in a 3 to 5 year vision.

Once some of these questions get answered then they will be posted on this site.


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