Coastal Bend Thunder Locked Out Of Stadium

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The Coastal Bend Thunder independent baseball team, which played in the United League in 2010 and is slated to play in the new North American League alliance in 2011, was locked out of its stadium this week in Robstown, Texas.  Here is an article and news clip from the local television station:

If this situation remains “as is”, and hopefully it gets resolved, then it will cause a concern in the plans for the North American League.  It’s original plan was to have the 4 remaining United League teams and 4 remaining Northern League teams play with the remaining Golden League teams in 2011.  With the likely departure of Joliet to the Frontier League, and the possible concern with the Coastal Bend Thunder, these situations are of concern  to the NAL during a time when it should be selling season tickets, sponsorships, and lining up promotions.  These problems affecting scheduling and affect all teams associated with the NAL until everything can get resolved.

Regarding the city of Robstown, three independent pro baseball teams have left the stadium since the end of 2007.  The Coastal Bend Aviators (cited in the article above) left the city at the end of 2007, and they were part of the American Association.  The Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs played in the stadium for 2008 and left after the season ended.  If the Thunder officially leave the stadium at the end of 2010 then it will mark the third team (and independent league) which failed in the market.  Should this happen, then it will be tough for another team to succeed as a business venture in that stadium.

The team has until January 15, 2011 to resolve the issue.  More can be found here:


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  1. Look again, friends…Coastal Bend would not be missed as they had a very bad attendance draw of all the teams in the United League. Even with Amarillo going to the AA, a definite upgrade there for the fans, the UBL I believe still has four teams left to try to make a go of things in the NAL, with decent draws in real stadiums. It could also go it alone if necessary, but should join up with the Pecos to strengthen both. The Thunder wasn’t really heard, except ON the playing field. Concur?
    But the NAL will never fly, at least not this year until the Golden League itself gets itself corrected, and shows real strength. It should somehow benefit from the demise of the Northern League, making more available players of higher caliber to play in the GBL. The latter needs to make an immediate push for a second team in Hawaii, and thus make travel to the islands a better and more logical option. Two in Hawaii, plus two up in Alberta just might solidify things for this year.
    And if Tucson returns nest year, then maybe another California or Nevada franchise will allow for growth. Whatever happened to all the stirring about a Palm Springs placement. It’s been quiet for a year!

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