The Business Of Baseball Stadiums

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One of the large appeals of minor league baseball (affiliated or independent) is when new ballparks are built.  Here is something which helps explain the business of baseball better:  a new stadium’s RFQ:

Surprisingly, the decisions made during the RFQ process and beyond will affect the experience fans have (positive or negative) for years to come.  They even may affect who plays on a team because of stadium dimensions and nuances.  For example, a change in the location of a new stadium, or the dimensions of the field, determine whether certain advantages/disadvantages will exist for pitchers, certain types of hitters, and those players who may (or may not) be signed to a team due to how the wind affects the action on the field.  It may sound ridiculous at first, but these types of conversations have been had by independent baseball managers and GM’s; and many times the roots of these decisions can be traced back to the stadium’s construction.

Feel free to chime in and leave your thoughts.  I just wanted you to see a different side of the independent baseball business which most fans never see.


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