Atlantic League Attempts To Speed Up Games

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In order to prevent games from dragging on, from the fans’ perspective, the Atlantic League is adopting measures to institute a maximum amount of time between pitches and between half-innings.  Here is more on this:

How this will affect the quality of play, as well as individual player/pitcher strategy, is still to be seen.  Updates on this will be added to this site when confirmed.

Longtime fans of independent baseball may remember that the St. Paul Saints had a similar measure in the early days of the Northern League.  How the Atlantic League rules differ, as well as how Atlantic League fans will react, also will be added here once confirmation of the original rules is found.


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  1. Trying to time baseball play never works…too subjective. But there are many other things you can do to move things along. First, cut out half of those stupid “entertain the fans” interludes. Fans know how to use the time. They are not stupid! And six warm up tosses for pitchers already in the game are more than enough. Most of these guys only HAVE two good pitches in their arsenal.

    Secondly, set a mercy rule that takes effect in either the seventh inning of a nine inning contest, or the fifth inning of a seven inning one. Keeps games from getting out of hand, saves your pitching staff or from having to use position players to pitch, and the fans are going to leave after a couple of hours anyway! They do get bored easily even when there is a lot of hitting in a one sided game.

    Thirdly, like Japan, accept tie games after ten innings, if ten runs have been scored by both teams together…or after twelve innings if less than that. Again, saves the pitching staff, and finishes up when there is no one left to watch. It’s only minor league, right?

    90 seconds between, however, is good and somewhat necessary for media advertising and quick wraps and intros by the media announcers. Shorter advertising would be welcome, however. And shorter lines at the concession stands help a LOT, too. So hire more help! They should be starting to leave in the seventh anyway.

    There’s more that could be done, but these would make an impact!

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