3 Parties Competing For Worcester Market

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A recent article about of Worcester, MA indicates that three parties which are interested in the market for baseball.  The Can-Am League is attempting to keep the market with new ownership so that it has six teams for the 2013 season, with the new Trois-Rivieres / Three Rivers in Quebec being the sixth team.  Should the Can-Am League keep the market then the American Association would need a 14th team, as it currently has 13 teams.  Last year the Can-Am League and the American Association (sharing the same league office) had “inter-league” play as both leagues had an odd number of teams.

The next league interested in Worcester is the Atlantic League, although it is uncertain if the Atlantic League would want the Worcester market for its current Atlantic League or the proposed Atlantic League 2 developmental league.  If it is the latter then it would be in the same league as the proposed league with Atlantic City and other Northeast markets where independent teams used to play.

The most vocal entity, in the recent article (http://www.telegram.com/article/20121028/NEWS/110289927/1009/SPORTS#.UI13KmcgnKc) is the Futures Collegiate League.  The owner of one of the companies owed money by the previous Worcester Tornadoes owner is looking to place a Futures Collegiate League team in the market.

Futures League commissioner, Chris Hall, was quoted in the article as saying:

  • “What we’re proposing is very cost effective,” he said. “The Futures League is a high-percentage play. Independent professional baseball is a low-percentage play.”
  • “We’re just like minor league baseball,” Hall said, “just on a smaller scale” — based on the figures that collegiate league baseball costs about 25% of the costs of an independent pro baseball team

That latter statement can be a bit misleading due to the fact that costs are lower, but so are revenues even if in-stadium attendance would be the same as the pro game.  This opens up a huge discussion for future blog posts so feel free to leave your opinions on the business of independent pro baseball versus summer collegiate league baseball.


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  1. I’m pretty sure the Atlantic League would only want Worcester for their minor league. While improvements have been made at Fitton Field, attendance for the CanAm hardly reaches the high standards that the present teams in the AL produce, even in small draw Bridgeport, which I think may again have trouble staying in the league. That could leave the Bluefish open to a move to the CanAm, which would be a good location. But Harbor Yard is built to hold over 5000, and rarely draws that. So it’s a big plant to only host 1000 for the CanAm, unless their player level improves and competes with AL.

    I would love to see Atlantic City get resurrected, especially if the AL is going to support its operation. Unfortunately I still think the Sandcastle is in the wrong location, and should have been built out on the old race track parking lot grounds that it could easily handle, as well as being in the middle of a still growing residential community. The AC community is not safe, and has fallen down on supporting the Surf, who were a good operation, and put good teams on the field.

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