2011 Pecos League Schedule Announced

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This press release is being reprinted with permission from the Pecos League:

The Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs schedule was released today
with 8 teams.  The Pecos League is where the Land of Enchantment meets the
Lone Star State, this West Texas/New Mexico League will feature the:

  • Las Cruces Vaqueros
  • White Sands Pupfish
  • Roswell Invaders
  • Del Rio Gunslingers
  • Alpine Cowboys
  • Clovis Pioneers
  • Odessa Dragons
  • Carlsbad Bats

Andrew Dunn is commissioner of the league.

Claudia Castillo is serving as New Mexico Operations Director.

Each team will play a 74 game regular season schedule beginning May 10, 2011
and ending August 10, 2011, with two 37 game halves.  The winner of each
half plus the two best overall records will qualify for the end of season

The majority of players will range in age from 21-27 with teams allowed to
carry 4 players over the age of 27.  Teams are required to carry only 4
imports on active roster at any one time.  The Pecos League will hold 20
tryouts beginning early 2011 to staff teams.

Affiliated scouts are also assisting Pecos Teams in locating players.

For more information visit http://www.PecosLeague.com

Email info@pecosleague.com

Phone 575-680-2212


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  1. I think it’s time now for you to give some space in your left hand column to the Pecos League. This all looks like it’s going to happen, Duke. The Northern has deep sixed, and a couple more are dead in the water. So it’s not like you need to make any new space for Pecos.

    • Thank you for your comment. I have spoken with Andrew, the Pecos League’s founder and owner of the Vaqueros. He knows that once the independent baseball league realignment/shake-up is finally settled that I will update all of the pages to reflect the new information.

      The reason for the delay is in the risk of a page being overlooked, and therefore giving incorrect information, if I keep switching everything whenever a team folds and/or teams leave for other leagues. The changes will be made soon after everything is settled; and the changes will include not only the Pecos League but also the 8 mentioned teams.

      Thanks for your comment and for participating on the site. If you see interesting topics, human interest stories, or other stories regarding the Pecos League (or any other league/team) which may be worth sharing with the general public, then please send them. If it is something which I did not already see then I can give you credit if you wish.


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