Update On Can-Am League Extra Inning Rules

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In the beginning of the month, the Can-Am League announced that it will be
adopting the international baseball rule for games which reach the 11th
inning.  Starting at the top of the 11th inning, the batter making the last
out will start the inning on second base.  Should that runner score, then
IndependentBaseball.net has confirmed that the Can-Am League intends to have
the following affect player statistics:

*  The runner will be credited with scoring a run

*  Should the runner be driven in by a teammate then that teammate will be
credited with the RBI

*  The run scored by the runner starting on second base will be deemed as an
“unearned” run.  If the first batter hits a home run, the runner starting
the inning on second base will be deemed an unearned run and the batter’s
run will be deemed as “earned”

*  The pitcher who gives up the game-winning run, even if the only runner
who scores is the one who started the game at second base, will be credited
with a loss

Additionally, the league confirmed that this rule will be in force for regular season games only.  The rule only will be in force during games played in Can-Am League stadiums, so inter-league games with the American Association will only have the rule in force when played at a Can-Am League team’s stadium.

Thank you to the league for clarifying these points.


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