Teenagers Wanting To Play Independent Professional Baseball

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While IndependentBaseball.net enjoys your feedback and comments on various topics relating to independent professional baseball, a warning must be issued.  Many teenagers have been leaving comments (not approved and, therefore, not displayed to the public) about wanting to find a team on which to play.

Out of respect for those of you who are still in high school or those of you who may have dropped out of high school please note the following:

  • IndependentBaseball.net does NOT recommend that those with only high school experience, if you are under the age of 20-21, to pursue a career in independent professional baseball.  We cannot, in good faith, recommend any actions which might hinder your chances of jeopardizing your college athletic eligibility.
  • Depending on the rules of your conference, you even may lose your eligibility by trying out for a professional independent baseball team.  IndependentBaseball.net is not up to date on the latest eligibility rules, so please understand that as a policy we recommend that you finish your eligibility before pursuing a pro career.  This request is moot, however, should you have played affiliated minor league baseball right out of high school and got released.  At that point your college baseball eligibility would be, in all likelihood, null and void so you then would be free to pursue a career in independent baseball.
  • Remember that independent baseball teams are geared toward winning games today, not player development as is the emphasis in several affiliated minor league organizations.  At 17 or 18 years old you may not stand much of a chance against seasoned veterans, especially former Triple-A and Major League players against whom you would be playing.

Again, if you even remotely believe that you want to maintain your college baseball eligibility then please do not pursue a career in independent baseball.  With the high “turnover” rate (injuries and releases), even if you are 18 years old and managed to get signed to a professional contract, then you risk losing your eligibility should you be released during spring training or the first few weeks of the season.

As always, the independent baseball industry loves passionate and interested fans, and we encourage your pursuing a professional baseball career.  Nonetheless, we at IndependentBaseball.net want you to keep all of your options open, especially if maintaining your college eligibility improves your odds of being drafted as well as giving you a quality education which you may not have otherwise been able to obtain.

Thank you for your understanding on this issue.


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