Pecos League All Star Game To Be In Santa Fe

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The Pecos League announced that its 2014 All Star Game will be held in Santa Fe, home of the Santa Fe Fuego.  Like last year, the team names will have sponsors.  This year the teams will be Team Max Bat versus Team Old Hickory, named after two wood bat manufacturers.

Santa Fe held last year’s All Star Game as well, and the league decided to host the event there again.  The league intends to have a home run derby and luncheon as well.


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  1. Unfairly chosen, of course, just because they were primed to lead the league in attendance. Be it widely known that the Santa Fe schedule was given a LOT more home dates then the rest of the league, and no one can complain about it because the league is only run by one man.

    Other venues deserve the right to host this game, and I dare stay it would be well attended at several others sites. Roswell who has won the league twice deserve it right “off the bat,” and Alpine has been THE only Continental League carry over team that is still continuing to exist in the Pecos, and they won the league in 2012. Why the latter does not complain more being under separate ownership is beyond me. And I think they would be strong enough, even though well off the main tracks, to bolt to another league, UBL or even AA.

    But such is the continuing inequity of the Pecos, whose reputation as an indy league will now only get worse by reducing the age cap. Why any of those cities wants to go watch a bunch of kids who were not even drafted by the affiliates…well it must point to the lack of bona fide entertainment in those towns during the summer. To say they host a “professional” team is demeaning the term royally. On top of which the ACTUAL attendance figures are not posted publicly either.

    The league is a joke, much like the Pacific Association is. Not one of the “graduates” from this league lasted more than a week after being “promoted,” and that included only a handful of players. For THAT Dunn wants to finish the season EARLY. That’s Little League.

    Briefly mentioned on the site was the possibility of trying expansion again in Pueblo CO. But then that disappeared as quickly as it came. It rightfully should not appear again until Dunn comes up with another franchise to make it an even number of teams. Maybe even a return of the traveling Carlsbad Bats could occur…God forbid!

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