Pecos League All Star Game To Be Held In Santa Fe NM

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The 2013 Pecos League All-Star Game will be played on July 6 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It will feature the 2013 Northern Division teams (called the “Zias” for the game) against the Southern Division (called the “Lone Stars”) for the game.

One of the articles also delves more into the breakdown of the 2013 regular season schedule, which did its best to accommodate field conditions, field availability and playing virtually every night for the 72 game schedule.


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  1. Frankly choosing Santa Fe to host in only its second season of play is a slap in the face to some of the other venues that have put in a lot more hard work in the two plus years they have played. A couple of the franchises are carryovers from the ill fated Continental League, which of course was inaptly named considering its few teams and its small geographic coverage.

    But this league commissioner has clearly ignored the troubles that Las Cruces and Alpine have endured, which have more than earned their right to hold this silly All Star game to begin with. In point of fact, this still fledgling leagure has no need to host an All Star game, which only adds to it headaches and travel costs.

    Santa Fe’s ONLY questionable claims to hosting is that it led the league in attendance (which still wasn’t an earth shaking number), won “organization of the year” which probably wasn’t voted on by any more than this dictatorial commissioner, and were instrumental to the bottom line of both the franchise and the league. If business matters are the only reason for such an “award,” welcome to it.

    The league schedule as it stands for Santa Fe is also gratuitous and unfair, and as of this date is STILL a work in progress for the rest of the teams in the league. Granting the Fuego more dates over the rest is causing a LOT of problems for other franchises, surprisingly even the ones ALSO OWNED by the commissioner…a clear double standard, yet probably the only reason why this league “exists.”

    Players and coaches might want to think three times before attaching their bodies and minds to a constant playing/travel schedule that not even a military unit would fine acceptable for fighting its battles. Playing the games may be an oasis compared to the other problems being created. Imagine the inconvenience to the host families here!

    Some of the teams are already being groomed to be league patsies, and it’s a sure bet that the Fuego will NOT end up in last place this year…not with every other team coming to them, while they hardly leave town! Very little consideration should be given to the Pecos league this year, and I doubt it will be a springboard for any careers.

  2. What is this commissioner paying you to state he “did his best” on this schedule? How can you not plan for ANY days off for most every team for over two months? Okay so it is only four to five hours at the field every day…but then add in the travel. He’s making even the teams close to each other travel on the days of the games to save on motels.

    How ragged or changeable, and inconsistent are the pitching staffs going to be playing an every day schedule with only 22 players on the roster? They need to have a northern roster AND a southern roster for all the games Taos plays in the south…and with college kids, too. Can you imagine how antsy those kids will be making 8 to 10 hour bus rides? And there are a TON of them. Have you SEEN this idiocy?

    He certainly isn’t saving on time and gas as much as you think. Oh, well, in Santa Fe, of course, who cannot even handle ONE Alpine trip.

  3. 72 games would work very well, IF all teams only had to play one home and away series against each other. But with all the problems and scheduling issues to dance around, you can forget that. Let’s hope that there are a lot of rainouts to ease things, even with double headers.

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