Pecos League All Stars To Be Divided By Bat Manufacturers

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This may be a “first” in pro baseball:  the 2013 Pecos League All-Star game will not split up its roster by teams according to division.  Instead, the teams will be split by their respective bat manufacturers.  According to the league, 50% of the teams will have Max Bat as the official bat sponsor and 50% will have Rawlings.  The league decided to name the All Star teams as Team Max Bat vs. Team Rawlings.  The 2013 Pecos League All-Star game will be held in Santa Fe.

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  1. This league still has the worst schedule ever devised that I have ever seen. Unbalanced as well as unfair to most of the teams. Even the travel schedules for the travel teams are absurd in spots. It is obvious that bona fide software has not been used, and that many teams are either turning a blind eye to it, are afraid to state objections, or have not even looked at it carefully. It’s a joke!

  2. No days off. Short rosters that will kill the pitching staffs, most of which just pitch batting practice during these high scoring games. They should just have 30 man rosters with at least 1518 pitchers each…plenty of room for this still on the bus. As such, the daily active/inactive lists are going to be crazy, with a league office that probably cannot keep track.

    Outcomes may not matter anyway…teams are being set up to win and lose. Playoff teams are already predictable. some teams do not even face each other the whole season! Inconscientious. The schedule thinks it is saving money, but it isn’t.

    And pity the host families…players coming in at all hours of the night because they do not put inning or time curfews on these foolishly elongated games, where the fans will be home long before the games are done! What’s the point, as this is only a minor minor league! None of these guys will MAKE the majors, let alone jump to them during the season. Idiocy at its finest here.

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