Overview Of Pecos League And Dealing With Beer In Locla Markets

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One of the biggest challenges to running an individual independent baseball team is, due to the fact that there is no Major League organization to which a team is aligned, that the local government tends to think it has more control over one’s operation.  This has happened for a long time in the independent baseball leagues since the 1993 inception.  Local mishandling and other concerns have hindered potentially decent professional operations from growing their businesses.

In recent years, upstart leagues have had some challenges with beer licenses.  Obtaining a beer license is tricky because certain municipalities have the mentality that since high schools, where the local teams play in state/city-owned facilities, don’t have to have beer then the pro teams don’t need it either.  These officials forget that any new professional independent baseball team needs the beer sales for several reasons including:

  • receiving no state funding, whereas a high school team drawing few fans can be sustained by funding to the school
  • fan expectations that pro baseball and beer go together, as evidenced by multiple promotions of alcohol each night on TV and at the stadiums of Major League games
  • the sale of alcohol sets the tone to the fans that they are watching adults and not kids

In recent years both the Continental Baseball League and the Pecos League have had challenges obtaining these beer licenses, especially in New Mexico.  This article gives an overview of the challenges faced by the Pecos League and its commissioner Andrew Dunn regarding alcohol license acquisition in each market.   If you like the business of pro sports (even at the lower pro levels) then this  article should help you better understand what happens behind the scenes just to get the infrastructure in place before anything to do with schedules, players, logos, fans, etc.


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