Official Announcement Of New Independent Baseball League

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The speculated alliance of the Golden League, Northern League, and United League became official today.  Here is the press release:

At the time of this posting, the following situations still need to be addressed publicly:

  1. The Joliet Jackhammers ownership situation + in which league would the team play
  2. The Schaumberg Flyers situation regarding the lawsuit filed by the city
  3. What the lease situation in Chico regarding the Outlaws use of the stadium
  4. A final announcement of the situation in Amarillo
  5. The Yuma ownership situation

Once these situations, and any others, are confirmed then the news will be posted on this site.  There is no website, phone number, or other information about the new NAL independent baseball league yet created.  Once there is, then the appropriate links will be added to this site as well.


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1 Comment

  1. If this is being led by the Golden League leadership, then it’s definitely a wacko idea from the start. All of these teams are just desparate to exist, if they even can. This will never amount to anything more than more failing franchises, and a major embarrassment to independent baseball. Knowing the track record of bizarre ideas from the GBL, this is only more smoke being blown up into everyone’s you know where.

    However, it will provide wonderful comic relief for all independent fans.

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