New Northern League Names Its Commissioner

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This release came out from the entity which purchased the rights to the old Northern League name and logo:

The Northern League of Professional Baseball, a DC Sports & Entertainment, LLC company, is pleased to announce the hiring of veteran big league executive Dan Evans as the Commissioner of the Northern League. Evans, who was the General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2001-2004, joins the Northern League after successful Major League Baseball decision-making roles with the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners and currently, the Toronto Blue Jays.
The Chicago native was CEO/President of Paragon Sports Management and currently is the President and CEO of Evans Baseball Consulting. Dan also serves on the Advisory Board for Baseball Prospectus, for which he contributes the column “108 Stitches”.
“We are extremely pleased to welcome Mr. Evans as Commissioner of the Northern League. Dan is a visionary, a leader and one of the true good guys in this game. His ability to brand himself as one of the elite of his trade, with more than 25 years as a Major League Baseball executive, gives us a tremendous resource as a league looking to retake its claim as one of the most prominent of professional sports leagues.” Said Nick Desrosiers, President of DC Sports & Entertainment. “This is a proud day for us as an organization. The hiring of Dan is the first of many steps we will be taking to prove to the rest of this industry that we are back and that we are here to play ball.” He added.
“I am truly excited about this opportunity, as it will be fun to bring a family-oriented brand of professional baseball to communities across North America,” said Evans. “The Northern League has such a rich history, and I plan on using my three decades of unique experience within the game to cultivate a great environment for our fans, players, team operators and staff.”
“We have a lot to do in the next 15 months, but that will give us time to get it right for May of 2014,” Evans continued.
The Northern League will begin play in May of 2014 with teams located throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Southern Canada. The League will hold individual press conferences to announce the inaugural franchises in the very near future.
The Northern League of Professional Baseball is an independent professional baseball league. Founded in 1902, it is the nation’s oldest independent baseball league. To learn more about the league, its member teams or corporate partnership opportunities contact the staff at (857) 366-6572 or visit us in any of the following ways:
The Northern League of Professional Baseball
(857) 366-6572


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  1. Watch this group steal back former members of the slightly earlier Northern League, especially from the American Association. They’ll have to in order to have any viability, because there are very few other cities that will make this work. Could be a second chance for the failed Zion IL franchise that Kevin Kostner coowned. That will be nice if the city gets a more responsible ownership and cooperate with them more. The almost built stadium was going to be great!

    There should be baseball teams put in the Canadian towns that have successful football teams. Edmonton could resurrect here. Maybe those franchises could help support the baseball alternative.

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