Negative Review Of A New Independent Baseball Stadium

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Here is an article which casts a negative light on the new independent baseball stadium in Ramapo, NY.  The stadium is scheduled for the 2011 Can-Am League season:


What is not liked is the underlying assumption that independent baseball is a second-rate alternative.  What the author of the article should realize is that the potential for independent baseball, if managed properly at the team level, can add economic benefit to the city.

For example, the Schaumberg Flyers had a game last year against the women’s pro softball team which drew over 8500 fans to the stands.  Any sales tax revenues from concessions, tickets, hotel stays, restaurants, etc. had to have had economic impact; and only independent baseball could offer such flexibility versus other sports options, and baseball in particular.

The real question is how the facility can generate $25 million in returned tax revenues and benefits to Ramapo as quickly as possible.  With several months a year when the field will be unusable due to weather, the team and city should have a plan to help monetize the facility as much as possible.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on this article, especially if you have any constructive insights on how a new independent baseball stadium – in any city – can quickly generate enough economic benefit to repay the taxpayers.


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