Mention Of Proposed New Independent League

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In order to provide you with as much industry-wide information as possible, a recent entity has created a website and a Facebook page calling itself the Independent Baseball League.  One other baseball business website has had some comments from the founder; and it appears that the founder wants to play in small Ohio and Michigan markets.

Here is the website and the Facebook page:

With minimal information or what appears to be tangible teams or stadium contracts, we will hold off on mentioning the IBL again until confirmed news comes out.  With several failed “attempted” leagues in recent years, many not even having a spring training let alone playing an actual game, we are hesitant to legitimize new leagues as being professional independent baseball. has consistently wanted expansion of independent baseball around the continent to give legitimate players and legitimate front office talent opportunities to ply their crafts in pro baseball.  This site also has promoted an adjustment to the business model to be MORE than just “local family entertainment”, due to what we believe is amazing untapped potential to reach a broader audience and give that audience more value in their lives.

Should the IBL or any new league introduce changes to the business model then those will be added to this website once confirmed.



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  1. Anybody can make up a web site today. So I think this one is bogus. Those markets are already glutted with baseball teams of all sorts. I don’t think this has a chance to fly, especially if the former of this league is heavily clouded in secrecy, failing to identify himself or his group.

    A new startup would have a better time of it in lower Canada, Montana, or the Dakotas. Who else is there but Fargo-Moorhead and Missoula?

    The Pecos and United should take more seriously the panhandle of Oklahoma and southwest Kansas for expansion. Nice facilities there. Actually I would love to see three of the UBL teams join the AA; let the UBL leaders maintain ownership. Those markets will grow in the AA, and I like the idea of a 16 team league. The Frontier League may do the same real soon. They need another Canada team even though they have been hard to maintain, like Thunder Bay. But with a force like Miles Wolff in charge, it can be done!!

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