Possible New Independent League

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Here is some news about a possible new independent baseball league starting in Macon, Georgia this summer:

Whether or not this league comes to fruition is still to be determined.  An e-mail to the new league’s president was sent and information will be posted here once confirmed.

The unique situation is that all 4 teams are intended to play in the same facility during the 2010 season.  This will be done to reduce travel costs, although it will be difficult to determine the impact of top-line revenues since the city of Macon will not have its own “home” team.  Sponsorship dollars may or may not participate depending on what the league is offering.

The first “independent league” was structured similarly with the 1987 Empire State League.   More information about the Empire State League’s history will be on this blog over the upcoming weekend.

Should it come to pass as a developmental league or a new and separate independent league, IndependentBaseball.net will keep you up to date.


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  1. Have to agree with Kevin Reichard at Ballpark Digest — this is an idea that has never worked before, and I’d have to think that two recent failures in Macon will only make the usual obstacles even harder to overcome.

    If there is one lesson to be learned from the failures of indy ball, it’s that ambitions need to be tempered and the lowest common denominator must be considered first. If there’s no “home” team, who are the fans going to root for? The players? That’s one of the aforementioned obstacles — no-name players from no-name colleges.

  2. what they need to do is use the local hs that way they can make rivalrys
    and that will make the families liking the idea of going to the games.
    also it will motivate them hs kids playing to better themself and see that
    its not easy it takes alot of work to get to paly pro baseball. also they can use the kids for there game operations and offer them clinics and also help the teams can help the coaches with fixing the fields we now that to play pro level baseball you need pretty good fields. i think this is
    the best way to start and also the schedule should be from thursday or wed thru sunday depending on how many teams and gemes your gonna play.

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