Freedom League Playoffs To Start Tomorrow

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The Freedom Professional Baseball League, based in Arizona, is going to have its playoff series start tomorrow (August 28).  The 4 teams which ultimately played this season all will be in the playoffs.  There will be a one-game championship on August 31, preceded by a home run derby.

For confirmation, last year’s “champions” (the Copper State Prospectors) were not as a result of a playoffs as the league canceled the playoffs at the end of the regular season.  They were bestowed the title of 2012 champions at the end of the regular season.  This will be the first time that the Freedom League has an actual playoff series culminating in a championship.



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  1. WRONG! If you turn the calendar page, writer, you would see that there is a best of three championship final setup for the winners of the first round. Even the site advertizing says they may be playing until Sept. 2nd, “if necessary.” Hope you haven’t misled any readers again.

    oh, and …you’re welcome…

  2. By the way, I took a peek at the early schedule for the Pecos League, and of course the maker is already fouling it up royally. He really needs to stop taste testing the beers he sells while doing this simple procedure.

    Paperwork doesn’t seem to be his strong suit, and I doubt he really has an office staff. And there is simple scheduling software available. I can make one up in my sleep! He should get Forth Worth and San Angelo with the UBL guys involved to join ranks, and make for a better league!

  3. For that matter, three of the UBL teams drew over 1000 a game this year. They should join the American Association, and wouldn’t THAT make for a wonderful 16 team league!! Travel is not a problem in the AA, and I think the higher level of league will add to attendance as well.

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