Business Insights Into Struggling Independent Baseball Teams

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Here is a very different kind of article, one which you do not often find:  one where the owner of a new independent baseball team shows his team’s vulnerability from the business side.

The quotes, assuming accuracy, reflect concern that the industry insiders had about expanding into Hawaii and Tijuana.  The more troubling quote was about the Tijuana players not getting paid and having to forfeit due to theft of team equipment.

Hopefully these situations can get ironed out.  In order for the Golden League to prove its naysayers wrong, they have to have solid franchises which are at least breakeven and present no problems to the league, the players, and the fans.

Hopefully they can get ironed out quickly as the Hawaii market could be a terrific one if all goes according to plan.  As indicated, the trick is to reach at least breakeven as quickly as possible.  The Tijuana situation is tricky due to the language, cultural, and international factors which come into play.

Obviously, an independent team which can draw a good crowd (even remotely as good as the previous Potros team which played in the Mexican League) would be good for independent baseball.  The team would benefit tremendously, assuming beer sales followed normal consumption patterns.

Again, we hope that all goes well in these markets as they would make independent baseball more unique and, therefore, more appealing to the American baseball fan.  More appeal for the industry benefits everyone, and we hope that it can be done right and soon.


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