Answering Independent Baseball Fans Questions

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Fans of this site have e-mailed me and asked how they can keep up to date with independent minor league baseball:

  • transactions
  • players who get signed to affiliated teams
  • wins and losses
  • other team-specific news

I am glad to help!  The site which is the best for this type of information is because they get daily news releases from the teams and league offices.  They also search websites of local newspapers, radio, and TV stations for reports on independent baseball teams. 

Since cannot do a better job than they can, I decided to add their news feed to this site.  At the time of this post (Feb 2010), the left-hand sidebar will list OSC’s 6 most-recent news items for each league.  You can click the article of interest and it should open a new window; and from there you can search around by team or league.  Other minor league sports industries receive similar attention like the independent baseball industry does should they be of interest to you.

This blog will help filter and alert you to the most prevalent news, including exclusives on occasion.  The day-to-day transactions, news, wins/losses, player signings, player releases, and other news will best be served by OSC’s news feeds.  That is why this website is the “starting point” (or “portal”) for everything to do with independent baseball.

Hopefully this clears up any questions and allows you and fellow independent baseball fans (or even curiosity seekers!) the flexibility of selecting what you wish to know regarding professional independent minor league baseball.  Please bookmark, share, Tweet, Facebook, and help promote this blog/website; and be sure to come back every day for news on the blog and to get all of OSC’s independent baseball-related news in one location.

Thank you for supporting this site with your loyalty; and, most importantly, thank you for supporting the players who barely earn a living to entertain baseball fans across North America.


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