Thank You To Bob Wirz

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Bob Wirz runs his independent baseball blog at wants to thank Bob for his hospitality last week in Connecticut when meeting for lunch before the Christmas Holidays.  It is always a great time to get together with those who genuinely care about the independent baseball industry.

Bob writes a for-pay extensive column which frequently gives often-overlooked players and front office members recognition for their accomplishments.  This column is much greater in detail, covering all 8 of the independent baseball leagues and information on some of the Winter League action as it relates to independent baseball players.  He also tracks the former independent baseball players who have subsequently played in the affiliated organizations, including the Major Leagues.

If you are a fan of independent minor league baseball then take a moment to look at Bob’s website regarding his extensive column at:

You will enjoy the coverage and any back issues you get as his work is not just “recycled” news, but based on talking to those in the independent baseball industry on a regular basis.  You can stay up to date with the snippets of his column by looking at the news feed on the sidebar of this site which links directly to his blog.  To get the full information then be sure to click the link provided earlier in this post.


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