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If you are an owner, team executive, or league official representing any of the independent professional baseball teams in North America then you understand the business challenges which face many of the leagues and teams prior to the start of the 2011 season.  The 2010-2011 off season’s business climate affected every league’s overall operations and budgets in some manner.

One of the ways to help make independent baseball, and all minor league sports in North America, more appealing to outside investors – and hopefully increase each team’s attendance with rabid fans – is to have new revenue streams.  These revenues must:

  • Not cannibalize any current revenue streams
  • Be easy to implement, and ideally are free to implement
  • Take advantage of existing “capacity”
  • Take advantage of the realities each team faces
  • Be 365 day revenue streams to reduce the “seasonality risk” of ticket sales, sponsorships, and concessions
  • Have a “passive” benefit of the possibility to increase attendance, thus parking/concessions/merchandise
  • Can benefit your current sponsors, if possible.  If not, then the new revenue streams at the very least cannot interfere with your current sponsors & advertisers
  • Leverage your fans, players, staff, and website to help spread the word about your team and league every day, ideally giving other people an incentive to further spread the word about your team and league

I have created a video explaining over a dozen possible such revenue streams which you and your staff or interns can implement.  Most take less than an hour to set up, most are free to set up, and they deal with the challenges and concerns which you face by being involved with the independent professional baseball industry and any other minor league sports in which you participate.

If you like any of the ideas then please contact me through the contact information in the video.  You also may contact me here at info@independentbaseball.net or through any of the other independent baseball-related websites mentioned in the video.

Thank you, and I wish your team and league a successful season at the gate and for your business model.

Matt Mc Dermott


If any of the ideas in the video have generated interest for you then here are some links to start the process:

Independent Baseball Trivia:

Create Player-Specific Print On Demand Merchandise:

Selling Unsold Web Ad Space For Regular Market Prices:

  • Please contact me

CPM (Pay Per 1000 Page Impressions) Advertising:

Refer Prospective Player Phone Calls To Independent Baseball Tryout Interviews:

Send Prospective Player Phone Calls To Independent Baseball Tryouts Database:

Syndicating and Monetizing Your Website’s And Other Web Properties’ RSS Feeds:

  • Please contact me

Having Your Players And Manager/Coaches Create Content Which You Then Can Send To Your Fans And Monetize With Some Form Of Advertising:

  • Please contact me

“Give Away” Blocks Of Tickets On Slow Nights (Or Other Creative Ways To Get Rid Of Dead Inventory) Via Free Trial Offers:

  • TrialPay Referral Program

Watermarking Fan Photos With Link To Revenue Stream:

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Creating “Synthetic Sponsorship” Inventory To Use As You Deem Appropriate:

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CPA Networks For National Advertisers To Appear On Your Web Properties:

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Other Revenue Streams Mentioned:

  • Please contact me

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