Malden Baseball Stadium Construction Postponed

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Due to issues over parcels of land, the proposed new stadium for Malden, MA is going to be delayed.  For a long time, Malden was a possible location for a new Atlantic League team.

Here is more on the situation:


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  1. Man, Bok wants to spend his whole LIFE trying to fit a round peg into a square hole! Ridiculous. With all the open space available in this land, why is he trying to get a dubious revenue maker into Maulden? He should go where the grass is greener! ‘Cept he probably cannot go that far out of town. Scary people, these inflexible dreamers.
    He has a better chance of reupping the effort in Easton PA! If I were the Atlantic League, I would steer well clear of this nonsense. If it was meant to be, it would happen more naturally, without so many hoops to jump through. That’s what has happened at all their other franchises…even the ones that didn’t last, like AC and Nashua. I hope those come back in this secondary league Frank Bolton wants to form.

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